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"We all know thousands of facts about behavior. Actually there is no subject matter with which we could be better acquainted, for we are always in the presence of at least one behaving organism. But this familiarity is something of a disadvantage, for it means that we have probably jumped to conclusions which will not be supported by the cautious methods of science. … A great deal of unlearning generally takes place in our early contact with a science of behavior."
— B.F. Skinner
"Training is no longer something we do to animals but something we do with animals. It is a conversation. We want participation rather than compliance."
— Chirag Patel
"Collect Data. Analyze data. Draw conclusions based on data (follow the data). Plan carefully."
— Bob Bailey
"Canine science is better than common sense. We need canine science because common sense can lead us astray."
— Zazie Todd, PhD