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Behavioral Protocols

Christian JunkChristian Junk

Behavioral Protocols by Dr. Karen L. Overall

Clinical Behavioral Medicine for Small Animals, 1997

B-1 Protocol for Deference: Basic Program
B-2 Protocol for Relaxation: Behavior Modification Tier 1
B-3 Behavior Modification Tier 2: Protocol for Desensitizing Dominantly Aggressive Dogs
B-4 Behavior Modification Tier 2: Protocol for Desensitization and Counterconditioning Using Gradual Departures
B-5 Protocol for Teaching Your Dog to Uncouple Departures and Departure Cues
B-6 Tier 2: Protocol for Desensitizing and Counterconditioning a Dog (or Cat) from Approaches from Strangers
B-7 Tier 2: Protocol for Desensitizing and Counterconditioning Dogs to Relinquish Objects
B-8 Tier 2: Protocol for Desensitization and Counterconditioning to Noises and Activities that Occur by the Door
B-9 Protocol for Dogs With Protective and/or Territorial Aggression
B-10 Protocol for Dogs With Interdog Aggression
B-11 Protocol for Dogs With Dominance Aggression
B-12 Protocol for Treating and Preventing Attention-Seeking Behavior
B-13 Protocol Basic Manners – Housebreaking
B-14 Protocol Introduce New Pet to Household Pets
B-15 Protocol Cats with Elimination Disorders
B-16 Protocol for Introducing a New Baby and a Pet
B-17 Protocol for Dogs with Separation Anxiety
B-18 Protocol for Dogs with Fearful Aggression
B-19 Protocol for Cats with Intercat Aggression
B-20 Protocol for Cats with Play Aggression
B-21 Protocol for Redirected Aggression in Cats (and Dogs)
B-22 Protocol for Status-Related Aggression in Cats
B-23 Protocol for Treating Fearful Behavior in Cats and Dogs
B-24 Protocol for Dogs and Interactions with Food, Rawhide, Biscuits and Bones
B-25 Protocol for Handling and Surviving Aggressive Events
B-26 Protocol for Teaching Children (and Adults) to Play with Dogs and Cats
B-27 Protocol for Choosing Collars, Head Collars, and Harnesses
B-28 Protocol for Cats with Pica or Inappropriate Ingestion Conditions Including Wool Sucking
B-29 Protocol for Cats with Barbering, Licking, or Over-grooming Conditions

Passion for ethical, science based behaviour management, behavioral engineering & training. I geek out on science-based Animal Training & Behaviorology. Disclaimer: R+ biased.