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April 2018
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How to Train Animals von Ryan Cartlidge

Kostenloses Webinar

Christian JunkChristian Junk

Auf seiner Webseite Animal Training Academy stellt Ryan Cartlidge das Webinar „How to Train Animals“ kostenlos zur Verfügung. Ryan verwendet Prinzipien aus Verhaltensforschung und Angewandter Verhaltensanalyse.

Aus dem Inhalt:

Lesson 1 – The Secret about Feng Shui and Animal Training.
A short lesson about the importance of Environmental Arrangement and Animal Training.
Lesson 2 – Creativity works for me! It can work for you, too!
Learn about being creative in your training endeavours.
Lesson 3 – How to Measure Animal Behaviour.
Learn about the importance of setting your animals environment up for success.
Lesson 4 – How to get into Animal Training.
This lesson, shares my story and touches on how to get into animal training.
Lesson 5 – How to write Animal Training Plans.
A lesson describing the process of writing a good training plan.
Lesson 6 – Clicker Training – How to know when to use a clicker.
Learn about decisions I make as to when I use a clicker.
Lesson 7 – See how easily you can use Positive Reinforcement.
Learn about the application of Positive Reinforcement.
Lesson 8 – How to quickly improve your skills – Animal Training Basics.
This is a lesson that teaches you a simple thing you can do to help improve your training skills now!
Lesson 9 – Animal training relationships. (Molly the Morepork, Part 1).
Learn about building partnerships with your animals.
Lesson 9.1 – Behavior Management. (Molly the Morepork, Part 2)
In this lesson you will learn about empowering your animals and developing trusting relationships.
Lesson 9.2 – Target Training (Molly the Morepork, Part 3)
In this lesson you will learn about target training your animals.
Lesson 9.3 – Crate training tips (Molly the Morepork, Part 4)
In this lesson you will learn some quick crate training tips you can employ with all animals.
Lesson 9.4 – Owl training (Molly the Morepork, Part 5)
In this lesson you will learn about short windows of opportunity.
Lesson 9.5 – Animal Training Skills (Molly the Morepork, Part 6)
In this lesson you will learn about practicing your patience.
Lesson 10 – Competing Reinforcers – Does your dog come when called?
This lesson explains what competing reinforcers are.

Ryan bietet zudem einen kostenlosen Podcast an. Hier widmet er sich Themen aus dem Positive Reinforcement Training und führt Interviews mit bekannten Trainern wie Chirag Patel, Bob Bailey, Jenifer Zeligs etc.

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Passion for ethical, science based behaviour management, behavioral engineering & training. I geek out on science-based Animal Training & Behaviorology. Disclaimer: R+ biased.